Digitization of Art and Heritage

Scanning 3D objects is relatively new within the 3D industry. By means of 3D scanning, 3D models can be made of existing objects, spaces etc. This is in particular a valuable technology for (historical) art objects and structures. Especially for objects in a decaying state or of considerable value. 

3D scan of a Chinese dragon,
sculpted from one solid piece of natural stone.
AndrĂ© Schaller’s head of Van Gogh.
Object’s creditline: AndrĂ© Schaller, Vincent van Gogh, 1957, Brons, collectie Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed.
Currently displayed at http://www.vangoghhuis.com in Van Gogh’s birthplace Zundert.

But the 3d versions of art pieces have a huge value of its own. There are many uses for 3d models, for instance marketing, extra exposure and more notoriety for your organisation and the art itself. Click on the article below for more information about the added value of 3d digitization: