Scanning 3D objects is relatively new within the 3D industry. By means of 3D scanning, 3D models can be made of existing objects, spaces and people. This is in particular a valuable technology for (historical) art objects and structures. But also think of personal mementos, such as the first shoes of your child, or the baby room, your old house. Or do you have a restaurant and do you want to display your special, beautifully presented, dishes in 3D or VR on your website?

3D scan of a Chinese dragon which was made out of 1 piece of natural stone.

Hane3D works with photogrammetry, where photographs are taken with a DSLR camera. Here, ideal lighting is realized, so that the models look perfect from every angle. In addition, specific texture maps are made that ensure that the models behave visually in 3D as they do in real life. Consider, for example, the small and large differences in roughness on objects that reflect the light differently, or the different way in which metal reflects the light.

Visualizing spaces

Not everything needs to be 3D scanned. If you want to see objects in a specific (existing) room, then the room can be made/reconstructed in 3D. Consider the spatial limitations that museums often have for their objects; in this way they can offer objects that they can not exhibit to the public, and in the space where they would prefer to place them!

Gallery with a diversity of 3D scanned objects.

If you have interest in the services Hane3D can provide, please let me know through the contact form or just give me a call.

Visualizing existing spaces

Do you want to sell or rent an existing home or office space? Let there be a visualization with an interior of what the space can look like. Increase your chances of successful sales / rentals and immediately radiate extra professionalism.

Visualizing home improvement

Are you planning to place an extension or a dormer, but would you like to have some concept designs photo-realistically visualized in advance? This way you can make the best choices in advance for the realization of your project.

Visualizing project development

We also provide 3d visualization of new construction and renovation projects.