Why invest in 3d digitization?

Digital documentation

When you digitize your object, you have a near 100% accurate documentation, in color and geometry. This is invaluable for old pieces of art in decaying state. Besides that, your object is valuable enough, and given the virtual world (internet and virtual platforms like VR and AR) is growing astronomically, it deserves a virtual counterpart.

More exposure for your object

You can choose to display your objects online, making it accessible for the whole world to see. A great way to create more notoriety for your objects.

The object on the right is a 3d digitized metal incense burner of approximately 50 cm in actual size.

The virtual counterpart

The 3d version of your art piece doesn’t have any restrictions in regards to transport. So you can place it in any virtual environment as you please. Using 3d renderings, you can make photorealistic stills of your objects in any setting. So you can make beautiful (studio) stills with every sort of lighting and environment.

3d digitized Nike schoes of my 2-year old son, rendered photo realistically with Blender Cycles.

(Social) media-content

This argument might seem an extension of the last 2 arguments, but I’m writing it out with good reason.

Whether you are in the GLAM sector or the Art trade, Social media is a great way to get notoriety and involvement. And with high quality 3d digitized art you can make spectacular content for your followers to experience on screen or in VR, and all from their own home, wherever that is!

3d Render of Hane3d digitized Street Art, Breda, Mols Parking.
Street Art by Rutger Termohlen and Collin van der Sluijs

Added value for your objects

In case you’re an antiquarian and/or art dealer, consider the extra value you offer your customers; an added virtual version of the object they are buying. Keep in mind: the virtual world is expanding rapidly. It is very possible that the virtual version of the object is going to play a large role in the future. Even if your customer has no intention of using the virtual version, I’m convinced art buyers will feel pleased knowing they also own a high quality digital 3d version of the art they have bought.

And more added value: 3d printable

In the process of 3d digitizing i optimize the 3d models for 3d printing. This can be interesting for you and your organization, but also for potential art buyers. Again an interesting extra for potential art collectors. 

For the GLAM sector: a great way to circumvent limited exposition space

A lot of organisations in the GLAM sector have to cope with limited physical space to exhibit their collections. With 3d digitized models, you can still offer whole collections to visitors through screens or even VR.

A few extra things to note

Technology behind Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is currently evolving rapidly. They are becoming both better and more accessible. It’s logical that the need for and the value of high quality  content will rise as well.

I work with photogrammetry, a technique that uses photos to make high quality 3d models. I use my own studio setup with polarized lighting, ensuring models of the highest quality possible, without specular distortion, highlights or shadows.

For my 3d models, i also realize a good geometry en high quality textures. This ensures the 3d model is:

  • closed (mandatory for 3d printing);
  • optimized, so that the technical performance is excellent during even the most demanding environments like VR;
  • behaving in a photo-real way in both real-time and raytrace based rendering techniques, through a PBR (Physically Based Rendering) workflow .
  • zich fotorealistisch gedraagt in zowel real-time als raytrace gebaseerde rendering technieken (wat ideaal is voor marketing/reclame) d.m.v. een PBR (Physically Based Rendering) workflow.

You think you ‘don’t know enough’ about 3d to do this?

No problem. Hane3d can facilitate and help you with publishing online, or hosting your models on your own site. If you see any other use for your 3d models, Hane3d can support in the undertaking.